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Special Needs Law

Here are some the complexities involved:

  • Did you know that it is possible to disqualify someone from government benefits (AHCSS, Supplemental Security Income, Medicare, etc.) if you leave too much money to them? So how can you pass on assets to someone with special needs without disqualifying them?
  • Who will you name as a guardian for the person with special needs? How do you select that person?
  • Who will you choose to service as a trustee for those assets? How can you be sure the trustee will do what you want for the person with special needs?

At Poulos Law Firm, we've been guiding families through the special needs planning process for more than 30 years. How we can help:

  • Creating special needs trusts and that protect benefits and assets for people with special needs
  • Establishing conservatorships and guardianships for children approach legal age
  • Guiding families, fiduciaries or trustees through the trust administration process without disrupting government benefits
  • Providing guidance for divorcing parents of children with special needs

Not every attorney is trained in the laws that affect people with special needs. We are committed to giving you peace of mind about your loved one's future. If you have questions regarding any legal issues in this arena, please feel free to call us and set up a consultation.

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